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Telepsychiatric Providers

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Richelle Strauss, MD

Richelle Strauss, MD, is a trained Adult and Child Adolescent Psychiatrist. Richelle specializes in psychiatric medication management of children, adolescents, and young adults. Her evaluations include laboratory screening to rule out general medical causes. In addition, she offers consultation on evidence-based alternative therapies and nutritional guidance.

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Betsy Wojciechowski

Betsy Wojciechowski is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois, US. Betsy has a vast experience from working with survivors of sexual assault and trauma, community mental health, working with females struggling with eating disorders, chronic suicidality, self-injurious behaviors, mood disorders, self-esteem issues, depression, and anxiety.

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Sarah Ritter, RN, APN, PMHNP-BC

Sarah Ritter, RN, APN, PMHNP-BC, is a licensed psychiatrist. Sarah uses telepsychiatry exclusively to provide care. She specializes in treatment of mood disorders. She develops individualized, comprehensive treatment plans with or without the use of psychotropic medications.

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Michelle Nation

Michelle Nation is a licensed clinical therapist with almost 10 years working experience in the mental health field (management of emotions, depression, anxiety, anger, bipolar, trauma).

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New Mexico Psychiatrist

In this new age of information, we are often overwhelmed with too many options when seeking mental health services online. Trying to find a psychiatrist, nurse practitioner or therapist has become that much easier for you with BlueSky Telepsych. BlueSky Telepsych Online Psychiatry and Therapy can help you find your perfect match for virtual psychiatrists […]

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