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Concierge Psychiatry

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Concierge Psychiatry

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What is concierge psychiatry?

Concierge medicine is term that describes a long-term relationship between a patient and their doctor, where the patient pays an annual retainer directly to the doctor.

In concierge psychiatry, the healthcare provider who receives the retainer fee is a licensed psychiatrist.

What are the conditions of concierge psychiatry?

  • The patient pays the concierge fee privately, without the use of any insurance company.
  • The concierge retainer payment may or may not be supplemented by other charges by the doctor.
  • In exchange for the retainer, the concierge psychiatrist agrees to provide enhanced mental health care.

The specific conditions may differ case by case, but in general the terms include a commitment of the psychiatrist to ensure they will availability for the concierge patient.

Concierge psychiatry advantages

As a patient, having a concierge psychiatrist will give you more time available with your psychiatrist and less delays due to appointment scheduling.

When you have a concern, you can call your concierge psychiatrist directly, and can expect to get a personal reply to your questions and concerns in a very timely manner.

Last but not least, by paying your psychiatric provider directly, you can be sure to receive holistic treatment tailored directly for your needs, independent from standardised plans used by health insurance providers.

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