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Psychologist vs Psychiatrist

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Psychologist vs Psychiatrist

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Psychiatrist vs Psychologist

Both psychiatrists and psychologists are licensed mental health care providers. The difference between psychiatrists and psychologists is in the range of treatment options they can provide.

Telepsychiatrists and telepsychologists provide care that is equivalent to the traditional service, except the patient meets them via online video conferencing.

  • Psychiatrists, including telepsychiatrists, differ from most other mental health professionals in that they may prescribe medication.
  • Psychologists are licensed practitioners who provide non-pharmacological approach to treatment of mental illnesses, such as psychotherapy. To receive care from a psychologist via telehealth, look for a teletherapist.

A psychiatrist may as well choose to practice psychotherapy without prescribing any medication, if that is the best treatment option for a particular patient.

Sometimes, psychiatrists will work alongside psychologists as part of a clinical team.

Telehealth insurance coverage

Telepsychiatric and teletherapeutic services are equivalent to traditional psychiatry and psychotherapy. As such they are covered by some health insurance providers. Check with your insurance provider for more information.

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