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Our Philosophy

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The philosophy of BlueSky Telepsych is evidence-based at its core.


Local providers, but no commuting

Our telemental health professionals providers are licensed in your region and understand it well. At the same time, there is no need to commute to our office or even to call us to book. You can accomplish all of that with just a few clicks.

Our Telepsychiatric Providers


Therapeutic Relationship

At BlueSky, we approach every patient as an individual, with empathy and understanding. We believe strongly in the therapeutic relationship to help clients work towards their goals.

Screening for general medical causes

Our evaluations often include laboratory or other screening procedures to rule out general medical causes.

All effective treatments should be explored

We believe that psychotropic medications and psychotherapy are a mainstay in the treatment of mental illness, but we are constantly learning about effective non-pharmacological methods as well. While non-pharmacological approaches may not work for every patient, we believe all effective treatments should be explored.

Alternative Guidance

Where appropriate, we may offer consultation on evidence-based alternative therapies and nutritional guidance.

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