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Eddie Quintana, LCSW

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Eddie Quintana,  LCSW


Eddie Quintana, LCSW

My Philosophy is simple, start where you are at in the process. My approach is to work with you and together we would develop goals and expectations on what you want to work on. It is a collaborative effort in order to help you make progress and sustain change once progress is made. Even though I’m seen as the professional, to me you’re the professional of your life and it’s my job to help guide you into a place where you feel comfortable.

I have been humbled to work in a variety of different roles, settings, and with people of different diagnosis from addiction, suicide, depression, autism, anxiety, personality disorders, compulsion and psychotic disorders. Throughout my years I gained experience supporting people with different challenges and it has been rewarding.

In my experience in the mental health field, my unique background has helped me work with people with a variety of different challenges and I use that experience to help build rapport and professional relationships with the people and families I help.

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