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Charlotte Psychiatrist

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Finding a Mental Health Professional Near Me in Charlotte

We know how difficult it is to find the best psychiatrist in North Carolina. If you are looking for psychiatrists and counselors who are compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable then BlueSky Telepsych is here for you.

Our psychiatric providers are trained to treat children, teens, and adults and can provide all of the services you need via online psychiatry. This means that you can see them through your phone or computer from the comfort of your own home including evaluation, treatment plans, and prescriptions as needed.

We are licensed to provide mental health care throughout the state of North Carolina.

Charlotte Psychiatrist

Charlotte Psychiatrist

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Services in Charlotte North Carolina

Our Psychiatrist Services include:

Psychiatric Evaluations and treatment for:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • OCD
  • Autism
  • Bipolar
  • Behavioral issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Family issues
  • and more…

If you or a family member anywhere in North Carolina need the help of a highly skilled mental health team, please don’t hesitate to call us or book online today.

​ | Tel: 888-279-0002

Phone: 888-279-0002

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Telepsychiatrists and Online Therapists North Carolina

Whether its anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or any other form of mental disorder, there are plenty of reasons to visit a psychiatrist in North Carolina. While seeing a psychiatrist for the first time can be stressful, it is by far one of the most beneficial experiences and steps toward seeking treatment and getting your life back on track.

​We often hear from patients in North Carolina that it has taken them a lot of courage and time to be able to finally set up an appointment. They often will also share how nervous they are, how they thought about canceling the appointment, and overall seeking to avoid the meeting with the psychiatrist in general. Understand that these feelings are completely natural and you have already taken the biggest and hardest step – now it’s the easy part.

​Once you have confirmed your appointment with your Psychiatrist, make sure you know what to expect and what information you need to bring.

What to Expect During a Psychiatrist Visit?

As your psychiatrist visit is coming up, it’s time to get prepared and know what to expect and have ready the appointment. Here are a few things to expect during your visit with your psychiatrist:

Bring Your Medical History – You will be asked to bring your medical and psychiatric history to your first appointment, so it is important to have these ready to go as you come closer to your visit. You need to bring anything related to your mental and physical health, such as any medications that you are presently taking or have tried in the past, how long you taken the medications for, any medical concerns or diagnoses, your family’s psychiatric background, and any other important information. If you have seen a psychiatrist in the past, then you can have them send these records over to your new psychiatrist.

Be Prepared for Questions – Be prepared for any questions that your psychiatrist may ask. This will help on managing the time that you have with them and potentially speed up the process. You will be asked the reason you are there, how you are doing, and what they can do that you believe will help. All of these questions will be open-ended, so it is important to have some form of understanding of how you are feeling and why you are there and the psychiatrist will help guide you through the rest.

Working Toward Creating a Future Plan – The main reasons why people go to a psychiatrist is to better their future and seek a form of treatment. Psychiatrist will help you work toward a plan for your future and discuss options as you continue sessions. This could include medication management, treatment programs, or referrals to other psychiatrist. As you progress through sessions, the answer will be clear as to what needs to happen.

​As you make your way to your first appointment, keep in mind these tips on what to expect as you go through the process. Understand that any anxious feelings are completely normal and that the psychiatrist will help you through it.

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If you or a family member in anywhere in this area need the help of a licensed psychiatrist, please don't hesitate to call us or book online today.

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